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Eat My Noise Productions: Spindle

To celebrate BIG HOUSE, Eat my Noise have created an electro-acoustic choral event in the forests of the grounds of Castletown House. Drawing on the ancient language hidden within the tree names themselves, Eat My Noise present a bespoke work of modern choral performance, deep within the forest.

Come along, for a performance that will breathe new life into ancient grounds, surrounded by the leaves, the trees and the twilight.

About Eat My Noise Productions

Eat My Noise Productions is a multi-platform collaborative group. There’s Peter Power, There’s Irene O’Mara, & There’s David Duffy. There’s also other savagely weird and wonderful people who make the work for us and with us. We found our CORE in music, composition with electronics, acoustics and orchestra, but we’re growing to be more than that. We’ve made work for short film, theatre and dance, we’ve composed our own shows, we remix, reproduce and replace tracks, we sing, jam, jazz, jig.

Anywhere for Noise. We live it and breathe it. We Eat it.

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